Glossier Hand Cream

April 14, 2020

Over the past month, we’ve been honored to donate thousands of Balm Dotcoms, Priming Moisturizers, and Soothing Face Mists to hospital teams across the country, including NYU Langone and Elmhurst Hospital in NYC, Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, and UCLA Health in Los Angeles. We’ve received countless messages from these healthcare professionals, letting us know how our products have provided them some relief from skin irritation and the unimaginable stress of being on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response. 

One of the most frequent requests we’ve received during this time is for a hand cream. As it happens, our community has been asking the same thing: We’ve been working on Glossier Hand Cream for nearly two years, and have been so excited to bring it into the world this spring. We designed Hand Cream with connection and community in mind—over the years, we’ve heard so many stories about strangers talking, even becoming friends, because they spotted someone using Balm Dotcom in the wild, and we had hoped that Hand Cream might also inspire connection through beauty. 

Of course, connecting looks completely different in a time of social distancing. Individuals and businesses alike are doing their best to recreate human connection virtually. But for the nurses and doctors who are gathering every day to care for patients, it makes sense to get Hand Cream to them first. We’ll be donating the first 10,000 units of Hand Cream to healthcare workers in the U.S., Glossier's home base. In the spirit of connection, we’re making it easy for people to request Hand Cream for their teams—in increments of 25, 50 or 80—by filling out this form.

We’re grateful to other businesses who are retooling their factories to make hand sanitizer (something we can’t do, since we don’t own our factories), and to all the individuals and organizations who are doing what they can to help—whether that’s sewing masks or delivering meals to healthcare workers. 

To the rest of our community: we’re excited to bring Hand Cream to you next Thursday, April 23! It's a BEAUTIFUL formula, delivered in some pretty ingenious packaging, and in addition to its heightened usefulness, we hope it brings you a little joy and comfort at a time when we could all use some.

Take care,

Emily Weiss

Founder and CEO

UPDATE: Due to the amazing response we've received, we've reached our cap of 10,000 Hand Cream donations! We’ll be following up with the remaining applicants who are verified healthcare professionals.