Lash Slick: The Movie

March 16, 2021

Abby Tonkin, Director of Brand Marketing

In May 2018, Glossier introduced Lash Slick, one of our most highly-requested and long-anticipated launches. The bar for a Glossier mascara was high—our community had been asking for one for years, and we’d dreamed of creating one since the early days. Mascara is also a highly saturated category so in order to create something worthy of holy-grail status, we knew we really had to nail it. 

Since launching, Lash Slick has become one of our bestsellers and earned quite the fan club for its natural-looking, extension-like, and water-resistant formula. To get a sense for how passionate Lash Slick devotees are, just look at the over three thousand reviews on We’ve heard from customers like Della in Scotland who said her lashes stayed “PRISTINE” after a 40-minute therapy cry session, and even from someone who claimed that Lash Slick has endured a car crash without budging!

The love (and the drama) in our customers’ feedback has brought a lot of joy to our team, and served as the inspiration for our latest campaign, Lash Slick: The Movie. It brings some of our favorite Lash Slick reviews to the silver screen through a series of movie trailers, directed by Steven Brahms, that pay homage to iconic film genres: indie, romantic comedy, film noir, and anime. To bring each story to life, we cast Saturday Night Live’s Ego Nwodim (indie), improv actor Catherine Saint Siena (romantic comedy), artist Gina Lee (film noir), and partnered with illustrator Moon Kyu Lee (anime). 

In addition to rolling out across digital and streaming channels (including YouTube and Amazon Fire TV), as well as NBC’s linear networks, the campaign will also show up in real life through a unique out-of-home component. From March 22, Lash Slick: The Movie will take over the marquees and poster boards of nine Art House movie theaters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston, and run trailers at select drive-ins across the country. This felt like the perfect way to truly bring Lash Slick to the movies, especially while cinemas have long been closed and underutilized during the pandemic. 

Thank you to the over 3000 customers who have taken the time to review Lash Slick—your words provide a never-ending source of inspiration for us, and we are grateful that you have chosen Lash Slick to be your partner through all the tears and hot yoga. And a special shout out to the iconic movie theaters who partnered with us to bring this campaign to life through their spaces, especially as many start their path to reopening.