Feeling like Hannah.

Hannah Larsen

On intimacy, makeup, and learning not to judge herself

I tweeted at one point something along the lines of, “I'm pretty, but I'm not Glossier-is-a-sufficient-amount-of-makeup pretty.” And then I moved to New York and I was out one day in Soho. I went in [the flagship store] and did a full face of makeup and got a bunch of stuff. And so I tweeted again, something like, “It's not that I wasn’t pretty. It’s that I wasn’t confident enough to see myself that way.” I've been using the products ever since, because I'm really busy and they're easy to use and you don't have to have all kinds of brushes and sponges, you can just apply with your fingers or with a mascara wand.

Living in a sorority house [in college], there was a lot of congregating in the bathroom, a lot of “I’ll do your hair if you do my makeup.” I remember someone taught me how to do my eyebrows. She showed me that you have to brush your eyebrows down, you draw the line, then you brush them back into place and fill them in and blend it out. It was those moments—over shared beauty—that really bonded me to a lot of my friends. It’s really intimate to do someone’s hair, or do someone’s makeup.

"It's really intimate to do someone's hair, or do someone's makeup."

Hannah recommends

“My fave product is Lidstar because it is easy to use and effortlessly cute. My favorite [color] is Fawn. I also love Moon for when I want a bit of a softer look. I wear it on my eyelids and apply by patting it on with my fingertips.”

I went from just being curious and dabbling to doing a whole hour-long process every day. As I didn't like my appearance, I started to wear more makeup. There was a long period where I would wear fake eyelashes every day. And I absolutely do not need to wear fake eyelashes—I got so lucky, I have beautiful eyelashes!—but I would feel hideous if I wasn't wearing fake eyelashes.

"I've learned that I am probably judging myself more harshly than anyone else ever will."

I think there's immense pressure on college women to look a certain way. There are a lot of politics involved in that situation. I'm grateful for the experiences that I had, but I've learned that I am probably judging myself more harshly than anyone else ever will. And I think our culture has changed since I was in college. I've definitely noticed a shift from “We're doing this to impress someone,” to “I'm doing this to take care of myself and to feel good about myself for me.”

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