The Glossier Gift Guide

Hi! Are you new here? Looking for something for your best friend or your mom or your coworker or your niece or everyone on your group text? We’re here to help.


For someone who just wants the basics, start here. User-friendly and uncomplicated, these are the products we’re most known for.

The Skincare Set

daily skin essentials

Pair it with moisturizer and balm for the backbone of any routine. Learn More

The Makeup Set

daily makeup staples

Makeup you’ll wear every day.

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Boy Brow + Generation G Duo

brow pomade + sheer matte lipstick

Two of our best-selling products—brow pomade and sheer matte lipstick—go together for an easy, put-together look.

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Balm Dotcom Trio

choose three balms

A customizable three-pack of our best-selling balm in your choice of flavors.

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For someone who wants the "best of" and always does their research first, these are the products that win awards and rack up 5-star reviews.

Boy Brow + Balm Dotcom + Futuredew

brow groomer + balm + oil-serum hybrid

Our all-in-one brow groomer, best-selling balm, and a new way to glow.

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Lash Slick + Colorslide Duo

film form mascara + technogel eye pencil

The perfect everyday mascara plus a swipe of color on the lids.

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Lip Gloss + Haloscope Duo

glassy lip gloss + dew effect highlighter

A dewy duo to make your skin and lips shine. Learn More

Glossier You

eau de parfum

Creamy, sparkling, clean, and warm, it’s the ultimate personal fragrance. Learn More


For someone who already has a stocked Top Shelf but is always looking for their next favorite, these are the products our team love.

Lip Gloss Trio

one in every color

Comfortable, long-wearing lip gloss with a glassy finish in three shades: Clear for a crystal finish, Holographic for an opalescent shimmer, and Red for a subtle tint.

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Body Hero Duo

oil wash + perfecting cream

Our signature body cleanser and moisturizer paired together for fresh, soft, glowy skin all over.

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