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Our gTEAM’s mission is to match you with the perfect product for your routine. Here they share some of their favorites to get you started.

For the classic Glossier look

“I always recommend this set to first time Glossier customers. I use these products every day without fail—I promise at least one of them (or all of them!) will become your new holy grail.” —Annabelle, UK

Boy Brow + Balm Dotcom + Futuredew

A trio of classics for moisturized lips, fluffy brows, and a subtle glow.

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For a high impact look, instantly

“I like the first thing you notice about me to be my eyes. When I'm talking to someone, I want to connect with them—my eyes are where you can really see my kindness. So I like to dress them up..." — Berto, Illinois

For someone who likes to have options

“This is my day-to-night lip look toolkit. You can amp up or pare down shine and color depending on your combination. I use Generation G in Jam for a light berry lip during the day and add Lip Gloss in Clear on top for a vibrant, glassy finish. Plus there’s always a Balm Dotcom in my bag.” —Manouska, New Jersey

For wide-awake eyes

“I use this duo every single day, whether I’m sitting around the house or doing a full face of makeup. Bubblewrap helps hydrate around my eyes, particularly if I’m feeling tired—and Lash Slick always makes me feel put together.” — Courtney, Arizona

For a moment of me-time

“There's something luxurious about that moment of putting your perfume on in the morning. It makes you feel like you’re fully getting ready for the day. Glossier You is my signature scent, but my mom just started wearing it, too. It smells different on her—that’s what makes it special.” — Zoe, Colorado

Glossier You

The ultimate personal fragrance. An ambiguous scent that's hard to describe but easily appreciated. Ambrette, Ambrox, Iris, and Pink Pepper.

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