Not just another eye pencil.

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Introducing the 14 new-to-you, color-true shades to add to your makeup bag. Colorslide is the eyeliner where what you see on the pencil is exactly what you get. Plus, a waterproof formula that dreams are made of: a highly pigmented, smooth gel eyeliner that doesn’t crease, smudge, tug, or skip and lasts for 12 hours (matte shades last in the waterline for 8 hours), leaving you to create freely. Draw something new with a pencil that lasts all day and all night.

How to use: Draw a precise line to define the eye, or smudge and blend out for a diffused, smoky effect. These shades were designed to live together, so layer as many as you’d like. When needed, use Blade to sharpen up again.

Size: 0.042 oz / 1.2 g