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3 Pink Pouches

Packaging so popular we sell it separately.
Packaging so popular we sell it separately.
Sized to hold an edited selection of only the stuff you need—keys, cards, cash, phone, and...Glossier. They’re easy to open, easy to spot, and the easiest way to keep you organized. Bonus: they’re quart-sized—good for holding liquid-y things in your carry-on. Lined with pink bubble wrap (comes in handy in high-stress situations). Size: three 8.25" x 7" pouches

How to use:

Use one as your makeup bag, one as your clutch, and keep one for back-up.

Key Attributes:

__100% Polyethylene__ Lightweight and water resistant. __Red Slider Closure__ Easy to open, close, open, close... __Bubble Wrap Lining__ Approximately 600 pops per bag.

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