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Terry Headband

Official Glossier hair protection.
Official Glossier hair protection.
Crafted with 80% spa-quality looped terry cotton plus 20% of the most sensual stretch elastic nylon so it fits snug but comfy. Precision-stitched with our signature Glossier “G” in official Glossier pink—Pantone 705. Keeps hairs safe from excess moisture, masks, and face wash. Is cute. Size: 7.75" x 2.75" unstretched

How to use:

Pull over head to secure hair away from face before face washing, masking sessions, or whenever you please.

Key Attributes:

**Plush Terry Cotton Blend** Made of 80% cotton, 15% elastic, and 5% nylon. **Glossier “G”** Embroidered with our logo to optimize your #maskforce selfies. **One size** ...fits all.

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