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Glossier Play is a brand of dialed-up beauty extras. We believe the best part about going out is getting ready.

Oh...hi there! Not a lot of people make it this far down the page, so this is special for both of us. Here, you’ll learn a little bit more about our beauty product philosophy. Some background: Glossier was created by a group of beauty editors that have (literally) tried everything out there and know what works. We painstakingly develop the best formulas with real-life usage in mind, and put them in the chicest packaging that won’t cost you half a paycheck. We’ve created our entire lineup to work together to make you look and feel your best—the only thing you need are your fingertips. So even if you’re new to the idea of a beauty regimen, or you’re just someone looking to make a few upgrades, we’re here for that. Think of Glossier’s beauty products as the skincare essentials you need, plus makeup you’ll actually use. Thanks for joining us down here. Feel free to move about the site now.