Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo

Brow pomade + microfine detailing pen

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The full Glossier brow.

Get the ultimate Glossier brow with these two easy-to-use, better-together products. Brow Flick easily fills in sparse areas to add depth and length, while our legendary Boy Brow defines, conditions and shapes for face-framing, natural-looking brows in seconds.

  • boy brow
    boy brow
    Boy Brow Grooming pomade


    Sold out Black

  • brow flick black
    brow flick black
    Brow Flick Microfine detailing pen


    Sold out Brown

Product Details

  • Boy Brow

    Grooming pomade

    0.13 oz / 3.8 g

    boy brow
    • Thickening
    • Conditioning
    • Flexible

    What it is

    A creamy, brushable, easy-to-apply wax that visibly thickens, shapes and grooms brows into place.

    Key ingredients

    • Beeswax + Carnauba Wax: Natural waxes that hold hairs in place without stiffness.
    • Oleic Acid: An emollient found in olive oil that nourishes and moisturizes.

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  • Brow Flick

    Microfine detailing pen

    0.01 oz / 0.48ml

    brow flick black
    • Buildable
    • Sheer
    • Longwearing

    What it is

    The most natural-looking way to fill and define your brows, our brush-tip detailing pen adds oomph to your arch, extends the tail, and adds depth to sparse spots.

    Key ingredients

    • Copolymers: A combination of three smudge-resistant film formers that make the formula longwearing and easy to adhere to skin.
    • Superfine Pigments: Sheer pigmentation for a natural “hair-like” finish.

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