Fragrance That Smells Like You—and Only You

Here for the “you smell great”, rather than “your perfume smells great.” Glossier scents are designed to enhance your personal scent. 

Scents of Note

Sparkling pink pepper offers a bright-and-spicy top note up front. Followed by ambrette seeds and ambery ambrox for a woodsy, slightly sweet center. All balanced by the creamy freshness of white floral iris.

It’s All About That Base

How does Glossier You. deliver such signature scent? It’s primarily made of base notes—which means it lasts longer, and lets more of you shine through.

Glossier You.: The Ultimate Personal Fragrance

Formulated to smell a little differently on everyone—our eau de parfum melts into your skin for a scent impact that is uniquely you. Soft, warm, and familiar.

Even more to love from your signature scent. Glossier you. is now available in 100mL. It’s you. Times two. 

All of You

With 4 unique formats, the Glossier You. Fragrance Collection was crafted to envelop your body, space, and senses.