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Meet the 2023 Glossier Grantees!

Roya Shariat

Glossier’s vision is to change how the world sees beauty, and we can’t do that without changing the industry itself. Since 2020, we’ve partnered with 35+ founders leading 30+ innovative beauty brands, sharing grant funding, curated business programming, resources and time. We’ve invested over $1.4m towards visionary Black entrepreneurs in beauty in the US and UK (learn more about our UK Grantees + partnership with Black Girl Fest here!). And we’re just getting started. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the 2023 Glossier Grantees — six visionary founders building incredible brands, innovative products, and changing the future of beauty. Of hundreds of talented applicants, these six brands, and the stories behind them, stood out with their purpose, their missions and visions, and their plans for the future. We’ll spend the next four months in partnership with these founders, pairing them with a Glossier advisor for mentorship, giving access to business programming, and participating in 1:1 meetings with Glossier’s CEO Kyle Leahy, experts across the company, grantee alumni, and even with Glossier’s community of partners like Shopify and Google.

Without further ado, here are the 2023 Glossier Grantees: 

Of Other Worlds is a different kind of beauty brand that doesn’t make you choose between “clean” and clinical. Founder Simedar Jackson became an esthetician to join the ranks of skincare professionals making treatments safe and effective for all skin tones, body types and genders.

Founded by Jordan Karim, Flora & Noor is the only halal-certified skincare brand made and based in the US. It’s an inclusive, vegan skincare brand for those who appreciate clean skincare, those needing to treat the skin concerns of melanin-rich skin, and those with chronic skin conditions starting with eczema and hyperpigmentation.

Mela Vitamins is the world’s first vitamin designed for melanated people. Melanin impacts the way bodies produce certain nutrients, which creates unique nutritional needs that other multivitamins don’t prioritize. Founder Ashley Harmon was inspired to create the brand after her own health issues led her to learn that 80% of Black Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

Founders OB/GYN Dr. Barb and ex-Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant, Kimba created Kushae with a mission to whip up effective yet gentle, pH-balanced and naturally-based feminine care products—created by women, for women.


Soss makes elevating grooming essentials for Black men. Founders Vernon Yancy and Jeremiah Regis translate love of self into uplifting and affirming grooming routines to help you embrace who you are, and welcome who you are growing to be. 


Moodeaux believes self-expression is the best self-care. This fragrance brand was founded by Brianna Arps in 2021 to introduce a new standard: longer-lasting, skin-nurturing, earth-friendly blends that give subpar scents, questionable ingredients, and wasteful packaging the side eye.