Eyeshadow Brush

Blender + shader

Coming soon

Limited to 20 per customer

A dual-ended brush for powder eyeshadows.

A dual-ended eyeshadow brush specially designed to work with Monochromes, but plays nicely with other powder palettes. The shader side expertly picks up and holds just-the-right-amount of product so it’s easy to apply and build up your look. The blender side is rounded and fluffy, so it’s ideal for blending out pigment evenly all over lids and into contours and creases of the eye.

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free

Formulated with synthetic fibers


A dual-sided brush with a shader and blender side, specially designed to work with Monochromes.

  1. Use the shader side of the brush to apply matte and satin finish directly to your lids. 
  2. Use your fingertip to apply the metallic finish.
  3. Blend out all three with the rounded, fluffy blender side of that same brush.