The Glossier Grant Program


Our vision is to change how the world sees beauty.

We can’t do that without changing our industry first. The Glossier Grant Program invests in Black beauty entrepreneurs to address legacies of inequity, exclusion, and barriers to fundraising.

Since 2020, we’ve partnered with 30+ founders leading 26 innovative beauty brands, sharing grant funding, curated business programming, resources and time. We’re thrilled to expand this program to the UK through our partnership with Black Girl Fest. We’ve invested over $1.1m towards visionary Black entrepreneurs in beauty and we’re just getting started. 

Read on to learn more about our 2023 winners. 

Our 2023 Grantees


Founders Dr. Barb, OB/GYN and ex-Pharma Sales Exec, Kimba "The Natural Diva," created Kushae to empower women to take control of their daily feminine health routines with naturally-based feminine care products that are gentle, pH-balanced and actually work.

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Of Other Worlds

Of Other Worlds is where beauty is ungoverned. Founded by beauty editor and licensed esthetician Simedar Jackson (they/them), the brand seeks to make science-forward beauty safe and effective for all skin tones, bodies and genders.

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Mela Vitamins

Mela Vitamins created the first multivitamin formulated specifically for melanated people. Founder Ashley Harmon was inspired to create the brand after her own health issues led her to learn that melanin impacts the way bodies produce certain nutrients, which creates unique nutritional needs that other multivitamins don’t prioritize.

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MOODEAUX believes self-expression is the best self-care. Launched by former editor Brianna Arps in 2021, this clean luxury fragrance brand has made waves for creating longer-lasting, skin-nurturing blends that give subpar scents, questionable ingredients, and wasteful packaging the side-eye.

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SOSS, founded by Vernon Yancy and Jeremiah Regis, crafts empowering grooming essentials specifically designed for Black men and family. Their products embody a profound love for one’s self, nurturing a transformative grooming experience that celebrates your present identity while embracing the remarkable journey of personal growth.

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Flora & Noor

Founded by Jordan Karim, Flora & Noor is the only halal-certified skincare brand made and based in the US. It’s an inclusive, vegan skincare brand with effective botanical and fruit forward formulations inspired by traditions and ingredients in Africa and the Middle East. 

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